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District manager in Rotterdam

About the position

South Holland, South

Area manager

Monday to Friday

We are looking for

District manager in Rotterdam for 38 hours a week

As a Regional Manager at ICS you are responsible for satisfied employees who in turn ensure satisfied customers. You lead your team of Ambulatory Object Leaders in a coaching and inspiring manner and report to the Operational Director. You get energy from achieving results in the dynamic facilities sector. You keep your agreements and strive for the best results with your team. Better together every day!

What are you going to do?

You are responsible for:

  • The daily operational management of the Object Leaders and foremen who are active in your region.
  • Achieving the operational and financial targets;
  • Compliance with contract agreements;
  • Relationship management with clients in your region and ICS contract managers;
  • Employee satisfaction within your team;

ICS is looking for a District Manager with a committed attitude and an energetic personality. You have a demonstrable HBO working and thinking level and have at least 2 years of relevant work experience. Experience in the cleaning industry is an absolute advantage! You have excellent communication and social skills that help you maintain your employee and customer relationships. As a District Manager, we expect you to get the best out of yourself, your team and the cleaning process every day.

A real ICS person

  • MBO+ working and thinking level with at least 2 years of managerial experience
  • An absolute advantage: relevant work experience in facility services
  • Available full-time for 40 hours per week, flexible and no 9-5 hour mentality
  • Stress-resistant and creative
  • You are a 'people person'
  • Strong communication skills
  • Not afraid to work with computers
  • Strong in forming a team and coaching managers in conducting absenteeism, appraisal and performance reviews

ICS offers you

  • A competitive salary between €3,465 and €4,500 per month based on full-time employment. Salary indication depends on knowledge and experience.
  • An annual bonus for achieving personal goals that can amount to a maximum of 10% of the annual salary.
  • 26 vacation days + 6 ATV days for full-time employment
  • 8% holiday pay and 5% end-of-year bonus in 2024 in accordance with the collective labor agreement.
  • Good employment conditions in accordance with the collective labor agreement, including an excellent pension with the Industrial Pension Fund Foundation for the Cleaning and Window Cleaning Company.
  • Company car, laptop and telephone
  • Complete freedom to organize your own agenda.
  • A collegial working atmosphere with enthusiastic and driven colleagues
  • A flat organization with an informal and open culture
  • The space for initiating and implementing new initiatives and ideas
  • Sufficient opportunity to follow training and relevant courses that promote your personal development
  • At ICS we feel responsible for your well-being and health. Our program 'Together in your strength' will help you with this. This includes training, discounts on your fitness subscription, E-learning, budget coach, physiotherapy guidance, confidential counselors, collective health insurance, preventive medical examination and help with the transition.

We are a family business with a top sports mentality and we want to win together. This forces us to train, learn and improve. 'Better together every day' is not without reason our brand promise. It makes us look at collaboration differently; enterprising and with a common goal in mind. 'Better every day' leads to special innovations, even smarter processes and automation of even the smallest details. 'Together' guarantees customization, attention to human aspects, attention to development and fulfillment of all our employees. With us, no one stands on the sidelines.

Our short lines, informal and enterprising culture make you immediately feel at home. Of the Top 10 facility companies in the Netherlands, we are easily the most enterprising. We bring new concepts to the market. We do not hesitate to invest in innovations. And we stick our necks out to work on a sustainable world.

Yes I do!

Have you become curious? Nice! Then don't hesitate any longer and press that application button!
For information and questions, please contact on .

We take care of each other

We invest in development

We continue to improve continuously

We work together

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FunctietitelFacilitair Manager
Indicatie salaris (min – max]onbekend – onbekend
Aantal uren (min – max)38 – 38
Contactgegevensonbekend , onbekend onbekend
Type contractVast
BrancheFacilitaire dienstverlening
LocatieRotterdam, Zuid-Holland,Nederland
Soliciteer direct

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