Factory Worker Werkwijzer 10-11-2023

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Introductie vacature 

Do you want to start quickly as a Factory Worker and earn a high salary? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you!

As a Factory Worker, your role within this company is highly versatile. You will be involved in tasks such as the input and output of the correct products, administrative processing, keeping machines running, conducting quality controls, updating products if necessary (such as grinding a piece with an angle grinder), and assembly work. Moreover, there is always room for personal growth within this organization; you can, for example, undergo training to become a mechanic, toolmaker, or forklift driver.

Vacature eisen

As a Factory Worker, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Availability for the 3-shift system;
  • Access to transportation to commute to the company (in Oss);
  • Proficiency in the Dutch or English language.


FunctietitelProduction Engineer
Indicatie salaris (min – max]2500 – 3500
OpleidingsniveauLagere school
Aantal uren (min – max)32 – 40
Contactgegevenslgiesbers@werkwijzer.nl , 024-3226600 http://www.werkwijzerbv.nl
Type contractVast
LocatieOss, Noord-Brabant,Nederland
Soliciteer directhttps://easyapply.jobs/r/kiUUVrk20KZ15k15fJi6

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