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Introductie vacature 

Want to make sure all packages leave the warehouse on time? Join DHL!

At DHL in Utrecht (Lage Weide industrial area), it's all about packages. Currently, we're seeking individuals to sort incoming packages during peak periods.

What's the job? As a warehouse assistant, you'll take boxes (1 to 20 kilos) off the conveyor belt, sort them, and stack them in a roll cage. You'll also assist in loading and unloading trucks. Enjoying physical work is crucial for this role, and the bonus is you can skip the gym!

As a warehouse employee, you can work from Sunday to Friday, earning €12.50 per hour, excluding allowances. There are three shifts available: morning (07:00-17:00), evening (18:00-03:00), and night (22:00-08:00). Shifts might end early when all packages are processed, averaging 25-30 hours per week. Act fast, and you might soon find yourself working in DHL's warehouse!

Vacature eisen

  • Able to commit to a minimum of 2 days per week
  • Physically fit
  • You live in the Utrecht region, with easy access by public transport, car, or bicycle

  • Hourly gross salary: €12.50, excluding surcharges;

  • Additional pay for evening, night, and weekend shifts.

  • 8.33% holiday pay;

  • Paid vacation days;

  • Career advancement possibilities at DHL, including potential promotion to a team leader role;

  • Internal growth opportunities, including the chance to obtain various certificates.

  • A fantastic workplace with friendly colleagues from diverse backgrounds;

  • Conveniently accessible by public transport, and free parking available;

  • Travel allowance provided for distances exceeding 5 kilometers;

  • Weekly payment processed every Wednesday.


FunctietitelLogistiek/magazijn Medewerker
Indicatie salaris (min – max]2773 – 2773
OpleidingsniveauLagere school
Aantal uren (min – max)40 – 40
Contactgegevensm.luk@werk.olympia.nl , 030 231 09 89 https://575.olympia.nl
Type contractTijdelijk
BrancheTransport/Opslag/Distributie, Industrie
LocatieUtrecht, Utrecht,Nederland
Soliciteer directhttps://easyapply.jobs/r/qiVcHzq20M1zWq4u80Y2

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